Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Swimsuit Edition

Lovies, normally, I buy my swimwear from VS. However, the past couple of summers Vickie's really been lacking in the swim department in my opinion. No, I don't want sequins on my bikini top [how do you wash that? if you get it dry cleaned, is it actually washed and clean? it's too personal for me. it's like having my underwear dry-cleaned. i mean if you think about it, bikini bottoms are kinda like underwear. they rest right on the business. *shudder*] No, I don't want a butterfly on my butt nor do I want to look like Hugh Hefner's new bunny.

Anyway, I just so happened to peruse tonight. Vicks did not fail me this summer. I found a few cute suits that are as cheap as a bikini at Target, dolls. Here's to hoping they fit!

PS-if you order, make sure you add your lacey cheeky (black w/white trim) to the bag. here's a promo code that will make it free: SP1228597l (can only be used when making order on VS's credit card)
And if you've got a little junk in the trunk like me, I suggest ordering two different size bottoms (that's what i did). This way you know one will fit, and you can return the other. Not to mention, if you spend over $100, you can use the code SHIPVS12 for free shipping. You can return the ones that don't fit to the store.

$27 total per suit--I ordered the Maya Twist Bandeau Top and Double-string Bottom

 multi-color stripe
Green Tie Dye

$33 total I also ordered this Twist Bandeau Top with String Bottom

  Personalized Gifts


Kori said...

I agree with you about Victoria's Secret. You ordered some really cute ones! Hope you had a great day doll! Kori xoxo

Kelly said...

Those are very cute

Angie said...

I managed to find two non-sequiny, non-butterfly-y suits this year from Victoria's Secret and they fit perfect! I'm not gifted in the chest area, so I love their push-up tops :)

Unknown said...

Super cute! VS has let me down lately. They obviously don't realize that not every girl needs a push up either. Some of us were either blessed or just don't want massive boobs!!


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