Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My New Cookbook

So, I wrote about my cookbook in a previous post. I had purchased it off Ebay but hadn't updated my new address when I moved this year. Well, the people who live in my old apartment have my cookbook:( It says it was delivered to that address. I put a call in to my old complex manager and have had no luck with the new tenant. Boo on dishonest people. It was the only Christmas present that I bought for myself. Today, I bought the same cookbook but got an even better deal. I religiously look on Anna's blog everyday. She saves me tons of money. THANK YOU ANNA:) There is a coupon on her blog for Borders that expires today. You get 40% off any one item. I ended up getting my cookbook in HARDCOVER for $8.61. The Ebay one was softcover and $10.00. Both cookbooks combined were still cheaper than the regular price softcover.

Other than that, it's a rainy, dreary day in Memphis. LC and I were given tickets for one of the boxes at the Memphis Grizz game tonight. Hopefully, they will play somewhat okay so the game won't be too terribly boring.

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