Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Petunia in Paradise, I forgot to leave my email on your blog. Please leave me yours so I can email you mine:)

Hmmmm, I just loved Michelle Obama's attire for the inauguration, and I just LOVED this pic posted in our local paper, The Commercial Appeal. I think she might be the new Jackie O. of this generation:)

So, LC just messaged me and asked me my fave color. Funny, how no matter much you have of it, they don't seem to grasp it. I may or may not have a hot pink bathroom rug with matching towels. I may or may not have a HOT pink blankie that my puggy has finally taken over. I dunno I would think that would start as a hint.... I thought LC's favorite color was either blue or green. He wears lots of blue and green. So, I went with green. Pssh, boy was I wrong. It's red. He never wears red. Evidently, I should know this because his truck is red. WOW, guess mind reader should be added to the list of things I AM NOT. haha:)

Do any of y'all watch The Bold and the Beautiful. All the women in the office, myself included, are glued to the tv at 12:30pm. If you do, I am wondering who in the heck sent the designs to Jackie M. Hmmmm, I am at a loss on this one. I predicted Pam being the one who tried to kill Eric. This time, I'm stumped. However, I think Rick did it. That's who I think. My favorite character on B&B is Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester played by Hunter Tylo.


Emily said...

I saved this photo off their site, it's so nice. I said the same thing, she's just like Jackie Kennedy. Very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Belle, you picked one of my favorite pictures of those two!

Love the rest of the post too!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I agree with you...Mrs. Obama may very well be our Jackie.

Lilly P. Wannabe said...

I am sssooo sorry that didn't work out! Try going to the VV store at Regalia! I bet they will help you out!

Southern Sugar said...

I knew there were others out there that watch B and B! I love it. I dvr BandB and As the World Turns every day:)But I don't like Taylor! I love Brooke. I know she's a sleezey ho ho. But I still love her. Is it not the most incestuous soap ever?


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