Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 things you're dying to know...

This thing has been sent to me a million times on FB. I decided I'd do it on my blog as well.

Rules: Once you've been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. My life plan through out high school through freshman year of college was to marry CS by the age of 23 and have kids at 24. Glad my life didn't work out that way. Gosh the things you don't know when you're 14-19.

2. My favorite condiment is ketchup. I will eat it on most anything.

3. I am a bookworm hence the fact my bachelor's is in English Lit. I love to read things most people loathe such as Brit Lit

4. I am licensed to teach Middle School grades 4-8.

5. I am a shopaholic. Ha, I bet you wouldn't have guessed that one;)

6. I have a naturally dark complexion. I don't burn. Lucky me!!!

7. One of my goals is to eventually live in Sunny Florida in a coastal town.

8. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was younger. I watched Indiana Jones movies over and over.

9. My favorite color is PINK. duh.

10. I have long toes and wouldn't wear sandals or open toe shoes til I got to college. Then, I saw other people with long toes and figured if they can show their toes so can I.

11. My favorite book is Anna Karenina, and I read it in one day.

12. My favorite food is pizza!

13. I wear pearls with everything.

14. The shows I DVR every week are Grey's Anatomy, The City, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Good Eats. I watch HGTV every night b/c I'm obsessed!

15. The biggest fear I have is that I'll never have children. It took my Mummy 4 yrs to have me, and she couldn't have any more after me. My biological clock is ticking.....

16. My boyfriend's family has a lot of traditions such as family dinner on Sunday and getting together to make raviolis a couple of weeks before Christmas. I want to do this with the family I eventually have.

17. I love blueberry anything. Fresh blueberries, blueberry gum, blueberry muffins, blueberry topping on my cheesecake, blueberry shower gel from BBW, blueberry muffin candle from BBW, and the list goes on and on.....

18. I have a love for bourbon that no one can understand. Tehe:)

19. My pug is MY kid.

20. I haved lived in the Memphis area my whole life.

21. One of my guilty pleasures is to read the Commercial Appeal (my local paper) Crime Report. You get to see the mugshots and hear about our stupid criminals. Daily amusement at it's best.

22. I am still employed at the restaurant I worked at in college. 9 years and going strong. I'm just a hostess one night a week still.

23. I am converting to Catholicism. Not because of LC or anyone else, but for myself. It was a life decision, and the best one I've ever made. I will be officially Catholic on Easter.

24. A goal of mine is to start running again. I cut my foot this summer and couldn't run for a month. I fell off the wagon and plan on getting back on the fitness train TONITE!

25. I LOVE CHEESE and anything cheesy:)


TexanCouture said...

I too had that time frame life plan. I now could not imagine having a kid in the next year & I love cheese as well, I basically consider it a food group!

Sparkle Sparkle said...

I need to fill that out on FB too. it dominates my newsfeed these days. And I also have adjusted my life plans, and thank goodness. In college I definitely thought I would be married by 25 and kids at 27. well I am 26, and not engaged. so looks like everything gets to be pushed back. and that is ok, actually so glad you don't get what you want sometime.

The Laceys said...

What restaurant do you work at?

Would be weird if I had seen you somewhere before.
Not even knowing.


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