Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Real Post Today *Promise*

courtesy of The Commercial Appeal

Today, it's back to normal. Yes, Coach Cal, and I broke up. I'm over it. Mama needs a brand new coach. No, not a Coach bag, a basketball coach. ha! Now, it's time to get a NEW man. I hope our athletic director shows somebody BIG the money and gets us a fabulous coach. Okay Okay, I promise, real post coming now.

I received the Kreativ Blogger award. I have already received this award before, but I'll refresh the list and pick a few new bloggers!Thanks, MRM=)

List 7 things you love, and tag 7 other bloggers.
1. Even without Coach Cal, I still LOVE my Memphis Tigers.
2. I love Britney's latest CD. SHOCKER *insert gasp here*
3. I love love love absofreakinglutely LOVE Lilly Pulitzer
4. I love watching our Monday night tv shows with LC i.e. The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men.
5. I love that in a little over a week I will be officially Catholic=)
6. I love ketchup. It's my favorite condiment.
7. I love riding with my sunroof open, windows down, and blaring trying to sing some John Mayer on a beautiful, warm, sunny day....

I tag some of my newest followers:
1. Southern Belle in the City-check her out, looks like she's a new blogger!!!!
2. Diary of a Southern Domestic Diva
3. Preps Rock It With Our Collars Popped
4. A Boston Belle
5. Preppy Panache-her Easter dress is PERFECT=)
6. Jane In the Waiting Line
7. Me and My Two Kids

PS-Don't forget about my questions. I put in a previous post that I too am jumping on the question bandwagon. If you'd like to know something, just ask=) I'll answer the questions on Friday's post!

BTW, I bought this tunic on Ebay. It's an older one but NWT. I absolutely love it. Now, I wish I could find Oh Coral in the halter dress in my size. A girl can wish, aye....


Jennifer said...

That top is super cute!!!

BAH said...

Thanks for tagging me :)

KAC said...

That top is SUPER cute... thanks so much for the award!!

♥ H ♥ said...

yay! I can't wait :) I sent yours last Friday...they said it should get there by Tuesday (yesterday) I hope you like it :)

Anonymous said...

These posts are so fun Miss Belle, it's great to learn new things about bloggers we love reading. And the top looks darling!

Katie Rudder said...

Oh my goodness! I've never gotten a tag! This is so cool!!

P.S.: Love the shirt. OK Coral is such a good print, Lilly sort of brought it back in muted lavender/aqua for PJ's!

Katie Rudder said...

P.P.S.: I love your Monday night lineup. How I Met Your Mother is definitely a favorite in our house. We think we're friends with Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lilly and Robin (seriously we love it so much)!

The Pink Chick said...

Love the top! So cute! You are so good at finding cute things on ebay. I wish I had your skills!

Dana-Lynn said...

Thanks for Tagging me! It's my very *FIRST* Tag! Whoo hoo! I'm so excited I'm going to blog about it right now!

Beth Dunn said...

Congrats on the award! xoxo

Learning As I Go said...

congrats on your award. You deserve it!

Lindsey said...

SUper cute!!!

Jane said...

Thank you, thank you for the tag! That tunic is gorgeous. Love the colors.


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