Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday Finds....

Here are some recent purchases I made in the past couple of weeks...Random, but I love all of them, and the tunic and dress were brand new. I was lucky!!!!

This is a rosary box I purchased to hold the rosary my parents had specially made for me in celebration of my confirmation into the Catholic church. Little FYI, I am one to purchase things on impulse sans reading fine print i.e. measurements. This box is so tiny. It literally is the size of half of my finger. Def not going to fit my rosary, but I am a sucker for antiques. I only paid 5 dollars for it, and it is very pretty in person. The engraving is dated either 1830 or 1880. Not sure if the third number is an 8 or a 3. The inscription around Mary states, "O Mary concieved without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee." It's silver and maybe Mother of Pearl. Yes, I know it irks me that conceived is spelled wrong, but hey, you can't undo what some one did two centuries ago. Tehe=)
I still need to load a picture of the rosary my parents gave me. It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It is made of sterling silver, has rose quartz Hail Mary beads, and amethyst Our Father beads with aquamarine beads for the spacers. I needed a rosary for use while I am not at home; because, I would not want to lose the precious one that was my confirmation gift. So, obviously, I purchased one=) It's sterling silver, and the beads are African Turquoise which from doing research is basically just jasper. But for 25 bucks including shipping, well worth it to me.
Oh my, and we all know I'm a sucker for Lilly P. I thought this dress would be perfect for church. I bought it for 30 bucks including shipping. Who wouldn't love something with a few palm trees on it anyways=)
And my next endeavor cost me 50 hard earned dollars including shipping...the lovely Newbury Tunic in Speckle and Hyde. I love it. Pair it with some white pants on a summer day, and, voila, a tres cute outfit!!!!
And last but defintely not least, Pottery Barn's Dinner at Eight Second Course. Wonderful cd. I have Pottery Barn's Dinner at Eight [1st cd in the trilogy] and plan on finding PB's Just for Dessert as well. They are great to put on while your cooking, entertaining, or taking a bubble bath. If you like music such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, Dean Martin, and such, then, this is for you. Or, you could find out the songs on each cd and download them on Itunes. Whatever is your fancy darlings....

Hope you loves have a wonderful weekend, find many fab bargains, and don't forget Tory Burch is on sale at Rue La La on Monday. If you're not a member of Rue La La, reader or visitor, leave me your email, and I'll send you an invite. Don't be shy;)


Unknown said...

Love the dress and tunic. What is it about old croonies being the perfect dinner party music?

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your purchases! I have been eying that tunic for a while and I love that dress. I am bad about buying something without first looking at measurements and such. That is the reason I bought a My Flip Flopz sign to hang over my bed only to be surprised that it is way to small to hang over a bed. Unfortunately I have no other place to put the sign and it just looks tiny over the bed. One day I will hang it in my closet if it is big enough!


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