Monday, June 22, 2009

Tory Burch Interview!

I definitely drool over TB's line. I seriously just need to go ahead and take the plunge to buy some Revas. I mean really. I love them but don't own them:( I know a ton of you bloggers love some TB. I came across Spoiled Pretty's blog, and she had the wonderful pleasure to interview the Mrs. Burch herself!!!!! Very interesting, and it made me like Tory Burch even more. It's titled "Ten Questions with Tory Burch". You can read it yourself here.
Courtesy of Spoiled Pretty


Unknown said...

ugh I want revas so badly too, I just can't afford them :(

Jennifer said...

I agree with Miss Type-A! I want them sooo much, but I can't afford them either. I am trying to be good. It's just like a diet, when you can't eat something you want it more. Now that I am trying not to spend money on clothes and such, I am wanting everything I see!

Tara Gibson said...

she is a gorgeous women!

thelovelist said...

Hi! Thank you for your kind comments about my redesign of! If you are interested in a new header, I would love to chat with you about doing one. :)

Digitally Delightful said...

YES Get the Revas you won't regret it!


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