Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tibi sale on Rue La La

I'm so trying to get out of debt! But there are so many cute things on Rue La La today from Tibi for a good price. Someone go buy that long caftan for me; so, I can live vicariously through you!!! It's invite only, and if you need an invite, here's my link for one. All I see is your first name when you sign up; because, they send me an email letting me know that "Sarah" liked Rue La La. Ok girls, go get your Tibi on, make sure to let me know what you get=)

1 comment:

Marian said...

Oh gosh, I got my email this morning and couldn't tear myself away. I'm trying to save for a wedding here and its sooo hard when these fabulous deals are in my face:)


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