Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Filing Cabinet of my Brain

"It's just kind of about being away from home for a long time, being busy, then coming home, sitting down, having everything come to a halt and wondering what to do next. When you become really occupied, there are so many things that happen to you, so many great moments, nights out with your friends, that just slip through the cracks, that you don't remember. And then you'll run into that person, and it'll hit you all at once, the memory of that happy time which was lost in the filing cabinet of your brain. And that feeling you get when you remember, it is so great."----Pete Yorn

This is one of my fave quotes of all time by my favorite singer/songwriter. The other day I tweeted about it being nice to have my car back (I had to get a new transmission) and to see that WP sticker. That brought about a tweet convo between the dearest Mrs. Lacey and I about WP. In case you don't know, that WP sticker stands for Widespread Panic. Her husband is a big fan as am I.  WP brings back a time of my youth when I young in college and grad school. I would listen to them ALL the time and went to shows. One Summer, I even followed String Cheese Incident around for awhile. It was one of those if you paid for a ticket to a show, you could use your stub to get into the next show in the next city free. I probably went to about 4 shows before I had to bring my broke a$$ home. Although, now, I couldn't tell you one song they sing. So, as we were having this convo, it came to me that I had forgotten all about the best tip I'd ever received at the restaurant (if you're a new reader, I work at a restaurant doing to-go a couple of nights a week). There's this couple that has been coming to the restaurant for as long as I can remember. One night he ordered to-go, and when I brought it out to him, we got into a conversation about Panic. I have no idea how it started, oh yes, wait a minute, we were discussing a kid I used to work with who loved Panic that the guy happens to know. One thing about SpreadHeads is they are pretty giving people. The guy gave me a cash tip and three cds from a live show back in 96'. They've been in my console for like FOREVER. I don't listen to WP that much anymore due to cds being scratched and lost throughout moving in college and because my taste in music has changed. I popped those babies in and have been jammin ever since. But, my and Mrs. Lacey's convo reminded me of a time in my life that had gotten lost in the filing cabinet of my brain. The nights out with friends, and the time where I left a pizza in the oven for a whole night. Yes, I sure did. After a Panic concert one night, my girls and I went downtown. We stayed out til the wee hours of the morning. They decided to go home, and well me, I was enjoying dancing and wearing this cowboy hat. I can't remember why I had a cowboy hat, I know it wasn't mine, it was one of my girlfriends', but still I digress...The whole night all I could think about was this pizza. It literally had been on my brain for hours. See, when I was in college, after a night on the town, my girls and I would come back and cook these:

I mean come on for a buck at Kroger, not so bad. The line at Krystals (our version of White Castle) was always outrageous, and it seems there would always be that person who would fall asleep at the wheel waiting in the drive thru. So, yeah, I'd been thinking about this pizza ALL night. My friends dropped me off home, and I came in and put this pizza in the oven. I remember laying on my bed as my eyes started to get heavy. I contemplated setting my alarm in the case should I fall asleep. However, the little devil told me something completely differently. It said that since I'd been thinking about this pizza all night I would most def NOT fall asleep. I decided to listen to the little devil on my shoulder. I had laid on my bed fully clothed, I'm talking all my clothes, shoes, and toboggan included. Yes, it was the dead of Winter, December, by the way. I literally closed my eyes for one second. Then, I immediately jump up screaming "My Pizza, My Pizza must be ready". It was one of those times where you wake up thinking you just dozed off a minute, but instead, you've been asleep for hours. Yeah, needless to say, my one bedroom duplex was very smoky. My pizza was burnt to a crisp. Think small black rock. I know you're wondering why didn't the smoke alarm go off. The batteries had gotten low who knows how long before this night, and I just couldn't take the beeping noise anymore. So, I took the batteries out. My logic was that buying a pack of batteries for 2 or 3 bucks was a beer or drink I would be losing. Needless to say, after this night, I went and bought batteries for my smoke detectors. And, I had to shiver for a couple of days while I opened my windows and doors to get the smell out. My neighbor was a big hippie so he was cool with it. I look back and think, gaw, I was stupid. But, you only learn from your mistakes. I have never left another pizza in the oven to this day...

Here's the lyrics to my fave WP song!

Widespread Panic - Ain't Life Grand lyrics

Watching people roll by
Wonder where they're going
Hey, what's your job?
What're you knowing?

Driving to the grocery store
Pull my money out
Passing by the liquor store
Throw my money down

Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand

My wife's got the blues
Now I've got them
Gonna bring her a kiss
Make those blues run

Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand

The sun came out the other day
Through those dusty clouds
And in my mind I was a child
And it felt good!

Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand
Ain't life grand


The Undomestic Mom said...

Oh that cracks me up about the batteries = beer money!

Natasha said...

i love quotes!!!! P.S. glad you stumlbed across my blog =)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I was cleaning out my closet/old DVDs/you name it today and remembered some great stories. I know exactly how you feel!

The Laceys said...

Love it!! Let me know if you want cds of particular shows you went to or like. My silly husband has every show you could ever want. WSP fans are funny that way aren't they.

Mrs. S said...

I am the same way with WP. I saw about 50 shows while I was in college! Now that I'm married and my wild days aren't as frequent. I haven't seen them in a while! Gota love the memories though!

Natalie said...

Gotta love them Spreadheads. I had a few friends who followed them in college too.

And I can completely relate to the beer money/Tostino pizza vs. Krystal/ staying out all night. Isn't that what every body does their college years? And hey, it might have been dumb, but at least it makes for some good stories now.
Speaking of morning after/late night food.. Ever eaten at The Pancake Shop on Summer? Omg.

Kitty and June said...

my hubs is a HUGE widespread panic fan! i went to my first concert of theirs when they came to KC in december and it was so good!

and that pizza makes my hungry!

Kassie said...

I love that about batteries being equal to beer money! Glad the house didn't burn down! :)

Brenn said...

My FI and I still go see Panic whenever they're in our area! I thought I was the only one that fell asleep and burnt a pizza to a crisp. Lucky me I did it not once but twice in the same apartment! Now I'm only allowed to buy microwaveable late night snacks.Lol.

The Pink Chick said...

I absolutely adore this post! I love coming across things that bring back old memories that you haven't thought about in years! By the way, I may be coming to Memphis soon! I am thinking about taking my birthday trip to Memphis.

Lis said...

Love this post hun! I love how songs can bring back such vivid memories! It's like you're there again! Cracking up over the batteries - beer money! And thank goodness you didn't burn the place down!! :)

I hope you have a most wonderful weekend!! xoxo

Ashlyn Stallings said...

Haha, looove Ain't Life Grand. It's high school memories in a nutshell.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I a have seen panic maybe 10 times! You don't see may post on them...refreshing! xx


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