Friday, March 26, 2010


Psssh, get that thought out of your head. We're talking Little Summer Dresses today!!!  You know when you're birthday month rolls around, all the companies start dishing out "birthday" coupons. I went to enjoy the sun and warmer weather on Saturday by shopping. I had a coupon from NY&Co.; so, I figured I could pop in for a moment. Glad I did. I have champagne taste on a Natty Light pocketbook. Whilst I cannot afford some of the luxuries as some of my fave bloggers, I still take fashion tips from them! I wait for coupons and sales. I haven't been shopping much which is why you haven't been seeing much on the ole blog fashion wise. But, don't fear, I am going to do the my wardrobe blog, I just haven't figured out a name yet. Still working on that though! I'm still taking suggestions!!!!!!!! Anyways, with the bday coupons, I got these last weekend:
This little summer cotton dress was on sale for $19.95. So, since I had a 30% off total order coupon, I got 2 of them. I got one in black (pictured above)and an emerald green color (not on website yet). I have included the pic below in yellow so you can get a better feel of the dress than this hoochie mama 6ft tall legs for days model above:)
And, I received a $15 off from Express. While I haven't really been digging Express's line the past few seasons, I decided to peruse in anyways. I could at least find an accessory to spend the free $$$ on. I thought this maxi was perfect for the upcoming Summer season. Not to mention, it's something you can always keep for your vacation attire in years to come. After the coupon, it was something like $45. Still, that's not bad. I'm 5'3", and this is too long for me. So short girls, you're either gonna have to get it hemmed like me, or you're gonna be redneck lazy and walk on it. FYI.


Jennifer said...

I really like your new dresses! Cute cute cute! I didn't know you were contemplating a fashion blog! I would love to do one of those, but I have a hard enough time finding the time to actually post on my main blog! haha!

Have a fantastic weekend, friend!

Jennifer said...

Name suggestion: Southern Belle Style or The Belle's Boudoir

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love Belle's Boudoir sounds great!

Design Apprentice said...

Lady, you make me laugh. And I agree, unless off my best friend ebay, I can't afford many of the smocks I long for from other bloggers. It is what it is, in due time. Those are adorable finds though. And I like Jennifer's idea of The Belle's Boudoir, cute and classy.

wendy30076 said...

I like that NY&Co dress! Looks like a fun summer basic. How do they run? Big? Small? I've never bought from them but love the price. Also- where did you get a coupon? Thx! Wendy

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

I too am a shortie so I feel your pain with the long dresses. I LOVE long summer dresses though so hemming is my friend. I loved your dress picks! :)

P.S. I just started my own blog! Come check it out when you get a chance. :)

Manda said...

Love those dresses! Very cute!


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