Monday, April 5, 2010

Check out my new blog!

So, I finally did my first post. I've found a blog designer I want to work, it's just time to save the funds instead of buying clothes. tehe. Anyways, here's the link. See what this Belle wore on Easter! Follow if you like:)

UPDATE: Sorry y'all I forgot to take off the privacy setting. It's open for business. Tehe


Elle said...

It says you have to be invited... did you mean to make it private? Or am I just not one of the cool kids :)

caknitter said...

I know you attached a link to your post so that we may look at your new blog, but is it meant for everyone? says we need to be invited.

Allie said...

Just saw your post about your sweet Puggy Pug....update soon, I hope everything went well!


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