Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap...and Recovery!

Let me just say that it's Monday, and I still don't feel 100% yet. My two besties from college came into town. It's so crazy that we are still friends ten years later. We can go a few months without talking and totally catch up right where we left off when we finally do talk. We had so much fun in college. More fun than I can even describe, and I'm lucky to have these girls in my life. Needless to say, I woke up Friday and Saturday morning like a college student. I had wristbands still on the wrists, full on makeup bad bad, i know, and an empty pizza box on the counter in our hotel room.

These are just a few little tidbits of our fun at bbq fest:

LC: what's this bill for a $9.50 pizza for?
Belle: remember when you were really tired last night? I knew you wouldn't want to stop in and eat somewhere; so, I got a pizza from downstairs.
LC: Umm, where's the rest of it?
Belle: I ate it. It was a little pizza
LC: $9.50...are you serious?
Belle: yup, I was was 3am.

[Discussing pizza situation with W later]
Belle: Seriously, I'm glad I brought my own DiGiornos pizza down here. I bought these for my lunch at Kroger earlier this week 2 for $5. And guess what, LC paid $9.50 for it last night. I was hungry. That's like a 300% markup. Sheesh
LC: Yeah, and she didn't even save me any.
W [holding up pizza box]: LC, it says "Pizza for One". Hello.....

J: Y'all okay?
W & Belle: No, we need drinks
J: That's why you're my best friends!

Belle: LC was making fun of my toenails. I grew them out a bit because I thought I was going to get a pedicure for bbq fest. But, then I reconsidered considering it might be a mudfest. No need to waste a good pedicure. He called them raptor nails.
J: Umm, we don't call those dinosaur, raptor nails. We call those toe knifes.

LC: W, how come your husband isn't coming out with us tonight?
W: He's hanging out with some of his friends, and he doesn't like to come out with us girls. He thinks we don't know how to act. 

LC: You girls were out of control and unruly

LC: I told you to slow down on those drinks
Belle: Hmph, I do what I want!

LC: Umm, yeah, you ate half of W's pizza when she wasn't looking last night?!?!?!?
Belle (texting W): LC just informed me I hate of your pizza last night when you weren't looking:(
W (text reply): ??? Haha. I thought I ate half of yours.

LC: Did you not see J fall into our table?!?!?! She wiped out all the drinks. If I wouldn't have seen it coming, it would have went all down my shirt. It just got on my leg. It was like the fall that never ended. Then, she just got right back up.

LC: We all thought J was friends with creepy guy that came with us to the bar. Find out she was not. She just met him that day.
Belle: Well, she's married and he was talking to M (J's husband), I thought they were friends with him.
LC: Nope, and dude wouldn't go away. He was talking to me and asked me the status about the girl over there in the chair. I was like, "The girl that's PASSED OUT in the chair?". He said, "Yeah". I said, "That's her husband right over there." Creepy guy said, "Well, what about that dark haired girl over there?". I told him, "That's MY girlfriend." And then he asked, "What about the blonde?" I told him, "Oh, you mean the girl with the ring on her LEFT finger??!?!?".

LC: I bet W 5 bucks she'd burn that popcorn when we got back. And....she did. She had to take it all the way downstairs to the lobby to throw away because it stunk up the room.

Booth Bartender: What can I get you?
W: Red Bull and Vodka
Belle: Bourbon and coke
Intoxicated bystander: they don't have bourbon. they have crown
Belle: Crown it is then
Booth Bartender: I have this [holding up Jim Beam]
Belle: that's bourbon and I'll take it with a splash of coke.
W: Bourbon for me too
Belle: Yay for bourbon. Bourbon Bourbon Bourbon.

These are just little glimpses into my two nights. The only thing I can say is WOW. And, I've really missed my Nashville girls! I don't go out very often. In fact, I much prefer grilling out at the house, relaxing at home, or dinner/drinks and a movie. Feeling like crap and being VERY unproductive on Saturday along with crashing at 8:30 pm reminded me of why I do not go out. But, it was fun, and it's good to get a little rowdy every once in awhile. I'm good for at least another 6 months or so.....


Ruth said...

Sounds like y'all had fun. Those kinds of friends are the best. I just spent the weekend in Charlotte with one of my girls from college. We didn't get to wild since she has kids but it was fun.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Glad y'all had a blast. I'm sure you're still recovering today. Haha. That's always the worst part after a fun weekend - the recovery time. :)

Elle said...

hahaha.... sounds like you had a fun weekend... how random we had guests in town and went out this weekend too (we're normally of the grilling out on our own patio crowd)... similar shananigans... although no pizza was involved in ours, and we had sooo much fun friday night, that all day Saturday was spent in bed! :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

At 3am it doesn't matter how much the freaking pizza cost!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend with your college friends! I always love getting together with mine.

Natalie said...

Glad you had fun.. My aunt's tent was facing the river this year so we had a nice breeze while we hung out.
You can never go wrong with a weekend of pork, drinks & friends.

katie lake said...

You're hilarious. If we lived closer (as in not on opposite ends of the state) we'd be friends. Hardly ever go out anymore but when I do it is rowdy.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my word, reading this totally made me laugh! And I totally support your $9.50 for a pizza-for-one. Sometimes, you just gotta have some pizza no matter the cost!

prashant said...

Glad y'all had a blast.
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