Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adorable Baby Clothing Designer-Must See!

Okay, I have no idea where I got this website, Rikshaw Design, in my favorites. For some reason, I keep thinking I might have seen it over on the The Love List, but I am not certain. Oh my, aren't these just A-DORBABLE!!!! A friend of ours just had a baby boy not too long ago, and I am ordering one of these later on today.

                                                          Bombay (This color looks purple, but it's actually blue)

                                                                   Seahorse (This color isn't red, it's orange to me...look at the swatch)

Now my question is, which one should I get???? Please help me decide. I think the seahorse set is cute, but they don't live on the coast. But it's still cute, nonetheless. So, which would you choose?

PS-don't forget about my giveaway with The Pink Pelican located here. It ends tomorrow!!!!

Also, Lynn please email your contact info so that I may send your photo album. If you don't email me by Thursday, I'll have to choose another winner.


Sonja said...

Thanks for sharing!! I LOVE the seahorse pattern!!!

Ruth said...

I like the first one

katherinebee said...

I love the seahorses!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I love them all, they're just so unique. I like the orange/yellow giraffe, just so different.

Unknown said...

Oh.MY...those bibs are precious! That giraffe bib is just darling. Thanks for sharing!

Jaime said...

I would have to go w the seahorse!! But they are all adorable!!

Kristin said...

i like the giraffe print!


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