Monday, July 19, 2010

Sugar Doll

So, The Young Southern Prep gave me the Sugar Doll award. Thank you, YSP! Y'all should check out her blog. She is just adorable:)

The rules are to thank the person who gave you the award, share 10 things about yourself, and pass the award to 10 newly discovered bloggers!\

1. If you're a new reader you might not know this, but I am ENGAGED!!!

2. My hair has been all colors and shades of blonde, red, brunette, black. I've stuck with being a dark brunette for about two years now, but I am really itching for a change. I'm thinking caramel highlights?? Decisions, decisions.

3. I am left handed

4. I am about to start my first year as a middle school English teacher. and i am scared to death. pray for me. LOTS

5. I get excited when I randomly pick out the right number of things. For example, I pick up a few lids, and I have the exact number of lids to match the containers. i'm weird, i know. it's okay.

6. I eat oatmeal for breakfast EVERY morning.

7. I have a love for all things old....i.e. antiques and houses.

8. Sometimes, I still have to use my hands to tell left from right. When my pointer finger and thumb make an L, you know it's left. Ha:)

9. I have a bad habit of wearing my eyeglasses as a headband versus wearing them to see. eyes don't hate me!

10. I eat ketchup on my eggs unless they are cheese eggs.

I am going to tag my most recent 10 bloggers who have blogs!

1.  Celebrate We Will
2.  Sugar and Spice
3.  A Day in the Life...
4.  Penny Lane Designs  (btw, Penny Lane does AH-MAZING blog design work. she is who i'm going to use when i can update the ol' blog here. amazing i tell you!)
5.  Back to my Roots
7.   Land of Fluff
8.   The Daily Dose
9.   A Preppy Princess
10. Scarlett Style


Kassie said...

I love these "fun facts" type posts! Always interesting. :)

Lauren said...

Ha! I use my sunglasses as a headband ALL the time, LOL!!!

Angela said...

Awe, thanks for the award! Now I don't have to think about what to blog about later today!

And #5 cracks me up, that is SO me! Glad I'm not the only one!

Molly said...

Thanks for the award! Love #5 and #8!

Scarlett said...

Thank you, darlin'!!! I will get this up on my blog asap---been at an educator training all week, and it is exhausting me! Not quite ready for school to start!!!


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