Saturday, August 14, 2010

Could My Readers Please Help Me Out!

Hey ladies, I was wondering if you could help your lovely Belle out over here. As you all know, this is my first year teaching. I was only given $125 to put towards setting up my classroom. Actually, we are only allotted $100, but our PTO gives us an extra $25. A new teacher has to start her/his room from scratch. I have to buy my own organizational tools i.e. manila folders, file organizers, tape, paper clips, stapler, staples etc. Those things are necessities, not to mention, I have to buy all the things to decorate my room with. $125 does not even make a dent in that. With that being said, blogging and tweeting can actually be a powerful tool. If you have any books or magazines for middle school aged children that you are wanting to get rid of, donate to me, or throw out, please send them my way. You know wordly wise, sports illustrated for kids, any kind of teenage literature, ANYTHING.  I am trying to build my classroom library and encourage students that reading and writing can take them anywhere they want to go in life. I would appreciate anything that is given!!!! You have no idea how MUCH I would appreciate it! If you'd like to help me, please email me at southernbellejm{at}gmail(dot)com.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


katie lake said...

I might have to dig through a box or two but i think I have some "young adult" books, Frankenstein, Julie of the wolves,little house,etc type books.

Natalie said...

Lemme go through the boys bookshelf. I'm pretty sure I can find a few books & magazines.

AtlYankeeBelle said...

if you dont get enough through blog and twitter, try sending a letter home to the parents asking for books. and also check out your local goodwill. you can often get good books for $.50 or $1

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go check my basement! I hope I have something that I can send your way! This post is just another reminder how under appreciated our teachers are :( good luck this year though! I'd send my kiddo your way- you'll do great! xo

Kelly said...

Love your blog. New follower

Kitty and June said...

all of my old books are middle school ..let me look through them and see what i can do!

have you check out half priced books??

Scarlett said...

Definitely try Goodwill, Half-Priced Books, or any other used book store and sign up for Scholastic Book Clubs. Scholastic offers really good deals for teachers and students- when you order you almost always get something free/$ off, and you build points to "buy" things with yourself.
And send home a request for books/magazines to your parents. This is hit or miss, but worth a try.

Also, are you aware of all the teacher discounts out there? Half-Price Books, Borders, Office Depot, Ann Taylor, J Crew, JoAnns, Michael's---just to name a few.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Many of my teacher friends get TONS of books at library sales. For pennies. You might check local libraries to see when the next sales are.

Also, try asking used book sellers. The might offer you some books at a great rate.

I've seen lots of teacher stuff in the dollar tree store. Cute stuff for of course a buck. The dollar section at Target is great too for file folders and paperclips and whatnot.

Wallpaper makes a great bulletin board background and you can get a large roll for $1.

oh and i have seen signs at thrift stores saying something about sale days. you might try calling around to see if there is a day when books are on sale and go when they open to scoop up a bunch.

Betsy said...

As the literacy coach of my school district, I understand your plight! I would like to recommend the website:

You can post a request for your need and people can contribute to your cause.

Good luck.

Sonya said...

$125 is crazy when you have nothing! I'll look through some books because I probably have some that I could part with!

Anonymous said...

You should set up a PayPal address, so those of us without junior aged books can still donate to such a great cause!

Norseman said...

I am not a teacher, but I find great deals at places like Big Lots. Those types of stores have everything to get you organized.


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