Sunday, September 19, 2010

Calling all hairstylists...

So, you know I'm broke when I resort to coloring my own hair....literally. I've only done that once, and it was a fiasco. Then again, I was doing it blonde. Having naturally brown hair and using blonde box dye is bound to equal a disaster. That is another story in and of itself. Anyways, I haven't had my hair cut and colored since the first of May. My hair needs a cut like no tomorrow, and a color is DEF out of the question. I have a dress deposit to pay for and a photographer to start paying on. So, what do I do? I go to my Twitter friends of course;)

I started asking via twitter about box dyes and such, and the lovely GRITS recommended going to Sally's to get hair color. She has gorgeous hair, and I figured going a shade or two darker is not going to hurt if I do it myself. Going lighter is a skill I leave up to the stylists themselves.

So, I go to Sally's, and the lady recommends Walla hair dye (permanent) in very dark brown. So, I dyed my hair last night. It's a shade or two darker than I'd like. It's probably a shade away from black...a little too dark even for my own taste. The sales associate told me yesterday the color will fade a tad anyways and to buy clarifying shampoo if it came out too dark. This would help it fade a little bit after a couple of washes as well. Is this true??

Also, I didn't get all of my hair evenly. I have long hair to almost the middle of my back and a little of the back didn't take as much. It doesn't look bad enough to run to my stylist, but can I fix this? How long do I need to wait before dyeing it again? Should I just let it be until I get a hair cut? Do I need to go back to a stylist to let them sort my color out? Did I completely just eff up? I just figured 5 bucks is a lot cheaper than 60 bucks.

It's been a long time since I've colored my hair, so I don't know much about this. 


Kelly said...

I color my OWN hair. I do get my stylist to color it once a year and then do it myself!!! Saves alot of $$$$$$$

Brittney said...

I'm not sure how to fix the uneven color but I do have a tip for you! I'm also on a super tight budget and don't want to pay the ridiculous salon prices. I've started going to the Aveda Institute College. It was only $60 for a cut and full highlight. It's definitely not your typical "beauty school." The instructors are really hands on and it was so much less than going to my regular place. Good luck!

Mrs. Potts said...

It will definitely fade out after a few washes. A clarifying shampoo can help strip out some of the color, but make sure to use a good conditioner afterward.

I'm not sure about re-coloring so soon. I always thought you should wait at least 4 weeks between colorings so that you don't end up with breakage.


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