Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Halloween Costume

So, I was informed last week that the students LOVE it when we dress up. I teach two different grades, 7th in the morning and 8th after lunch. I went to my 7th grade meeting, and we all agreed we would wear jerseys and some crazy ears or some kind of ears to match our jersey's mascot. I was like sah-weet! I'll just go buy some tiger ears and call it a day. 7 bucks later I was good to go:) However, I was NOT good to go. I'm not on the 7th grade hall, so our hall informed me that we are doing a Scooby Doo theme. Really? Scooby Doo. Sheesh! And, guess what? I get stuck with Daphne. So, I had to go out and try to find an orange wig to no avail of course. I ended up having to buy the whole costume. Granted wigs are around $15 and the costume only cost $30, but still I digress.........
I hadn't planned on going out, so I didn't buy a cool costume this year. So, Daphne it is.
Don't worry. I'll take a pic for the ol' blog here. And btw, if you are contemplating ordering this costume, DO NOT! It's super cheap for real. It's one size fits all up to like a 12 or 14. Trust me it does not fit someone up to that size unless you want to look like a stuffed sausage. I hate it when companies size like that. Just be honest! I'd say it fits up to an 8 max. Also, the wig does not look like this. It's going to take a lot of combing to halfway achieve that do above. Also, the little scarf isn't anything more than a cut piece of mesh fabric. This costume is NOT worth it AT ALL. Don't buy it!!! The dress is SO cheaply made, I'm probably going to just wear jeans and a purple top with the wig and green scarf. Just thought I'd let you readers know in case you wanted to go as Daphne.

What are you going as for Halloween???

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Tricia said...

Halloween is so fun, but I agree with the quality of these costumes out there on the shelves. I'm going as Paula Deen and the wig I bought last night was horrible. I'm now on a new wig search. I think I'll just sit home and eat candy all night instead. Have a great Halloween at your school!


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