Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Pretties!

Well, technically, these aren't new. They are new to me, because I haven't worn them yet. I've been so busy that I can't always update the ol' blog like I used to. I got these awhile ago, but I can't wait to wear them:)

Upclose of the fabric:
 I just love this top. It's the Alicia sleeveless top in white from Target's Merona Collection. It was only $24.99 and is super darling! Since, it's gotten back warm here in The South, I'm going to actually get to bust this out. Can't wait:)

This Streetwear Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigan is so comfy. I can't wait to wear it with a white crew neck tee, long necklace, and a cute pair of flats! =Online calls this color winter white. This is NOT winter white as if you can't tell in the pic. To me, it's more of a heather grey.  I scored this a few weeks ago with a coupon. FYI, I NEVER pay regular price for anything at NY&Co.  Granted, I get all of my work clothes there for the most part, and often, I get a lot of my costume jewelry there as well. So, they sent me a platinum card which brings with it better coupons. Oh lawdy, I was like take it back, but of course, I kept it:)

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!! I'll be posting a Wedding Wednesday this week. Sorry, I missed this past Wednesday, but with trying to wrap things up before fall break, school was CAH-RAZY!!!


Jennifer said...

I like your new pretties!!! Very cute! I love NY&C for work wear too! When I used to work at this staffing agency a few years ago, I used to buy everything there! We had to wear business casual everyday and it is a great store for that. I haven't shopped there since I left though since where I work now they could care less what I wear and usually wear jeans everyday. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Okay, from what I can tell you have great style so I'd love your opinion on a dress I bought!

I recently purchased this dress from Fossil:

I'm curious to know how to style it up a little. Would it look good with cowboy boots?? Could I wear a shirt under it this fall?? Any tips you can give are much appreciated!!


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