Friday, November 5, 2010

Look Ma no hands!!!!!!!

Okay, so we LOVE this in our household. Seriously best invention ever! I present to you the Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System.

Seriously, over fall break when I was channeling my Martha Stewart in the kitchen more like dreaming of being martha stewart since we all know i'm a kitchen FAIL this little thing came in quite handy. However, my only negative about the soap system is the outward of appearance of the dispenser. I wish they came more decorative to match my kitchen and bathroom. Hey Lysol....get on this:)


Jaime said...

Thats a great little invention. I need to try it out!

Lisa said...

I love this too! My mom has a bunch at her house, and I keep forgetting to pick one up when I am at the store. The only thing is, and I am not sure which scent she has, it sort of has a funny/toothpaste-ish after smell.

Sara Elizabeth said...

I would love that as a sanitizer dispenser instead of soap! Either way, great little invention!

UGA Bama Belle said...

Is this not the greatest thing?? I started using one a couple months ago in the kitchen and love it.


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