Friday, April 22, 2011

Check this out!

2PreppyGirls is offering my readers a discount on Giant Wall Decals. You can get 50% off the price of the $50 & up decals. All you need to do is go through this link: and put in LARGE25 to get your discount.

For example I love this one:

Thought I'd pass this along in case you all needed some!

2PreppyGirls is such a great site!!! Such cute stuff:)


katie lake said...

How cute would it be to put one of those monogram decals on a mirror?!

SBG said...

Those are really cute! thanks for sharing!

♡ Mrs. BSK {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

I love it! I might just have to get myself a very early wedding present!


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