Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still Obsessed...

Okay, so if you or someone you know has this dress, will you please let me know the name of it, and/or if you're willing to sell it, lemme know. It's BCBG, and I'm still in love with it, and I still CANNOT find it on g00gle image or ebay. Love it!!!!! I still think about this dress.

It's the one that got away  .:le sigh:.

 photo credit to J. Malahy


Anonymous said...

I am in love the dress is beautiful!! After a little Google searching, which I am sure you have done a ton of also, I found nothing. :( I think it came out in 2009 though! Good luck with the search!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is from the Max Azria label of BCBG.

Here's a blog post linking to a consignment store that is selling it, if it's still available.

Good luck! :)


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