Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Favor Help

So, I'd like some input. I feel like I'm going crazy with trying to get things squared away now that we're down to the 6 month mark. Can y'all believe it's only 6 months away?!?!?!? It feels just like yesterday that we became engaged. Oh how time flies:)

We are having a traditional wedding cake. I couldn't figure out what kind of favors I'd like to do, so I came up with a sweets table.

This is how I'd like it to look like minus the feathers...

I know my parents want to order cupcakes from a local cupcake shop, Muddy's Bake shop. I found an old spiral of my grandmother's that my parents had given me. It has her chocolate pie and lemon icebox pie recipes in it. I'm thinking of asking Muddy's if they can use the recipes to make her pies and also have those on the table in memory of my beloved grandmother. I'm thinking my table won't be this big. Maybe half the size to cut down on the price. Now, here's where I get lost....what else should I include on the table?

I was thinking rock candy like in the top picture but in fall colors:

Maybe these smores:

What should I do about containers/bags/boxes for the favors?? Ugh!!!! I have no idea. I'm lost. Please help. Ideas, suggestions, what you did for your wedding, anything will help! I don't know what to do:(


Day Old News said...

I have found tons of display vases/ platters at Home Goods & any dessert will be enjoyed! Truffles, bars, cookies will all be a hit, plus your Grandmother's recipes, which is so cute. Can't believe it is coming so soon!!

Lifes-A-Blog... said...

I went to a wedding in Myrtle Beach during the summer of 2010. Her candy bar had actual 5-piece packs of doublemint gum, but you could use big red or something since your wedding is in the fall! She also had green and yellow jelly beans, white lifesavers, m&m's, she had the chewy stuff shaped like a ring l0l! and it had like sugary stuff on it and it was green so i'm guessing you can get it in any color. Fall weddings are good for candy apples, or jars of preserves as favors, or maybe even special/homemade maple syrup all very fallish! I want a full autumn themed wedding so I've had enough time to think about this! I hope this helps!

Tricia said...

Favors really are the hardest. Something edible is always the best. I cater on the side, and you'd be surprised how many frames, matches, etc., that I throw out. I did small little jars of Old Bay Seasoning (we were married in Baltimore, which is known for crabs & Old Bay) with cute little tags on each jar. I also did baskets (3) with different sizes of flip flops, all white. Then each basket had a sign that read "A little treat for your dancing feet" These were a huge hit. Girls kicked off their fancy shoes and danced in flops. :)

Shari said...

My best friend did a sweets table for the favors. They just put little bags on the end that were in the colors of their wedding and on the way out, everyone was directed out of the room that way to pass the table on their way out. I loved the idea! :)

Melissa said...

I did a candy table at my wedding last summer. I bought small brown bags from Hobby Lobby that were 5/$1 maybe. Then we embossed the letter J on all of them and they turned out so cute.


Lyndsey said...

I also did a candy table at my wedding and it was a huge hit with everyone-kids and adults! I ordered some plain white Chinese take-out boxes and had stickers made with our wedding logo to put on them. I just used a lot of different sized apothecary jars with various candies in our colors (orange and green) that I got from some random wholesaler in Memphis--Tropical something or other....
We also had a photo booth that guests really seemed to love.

Brittany said...

These ideas are great!

I just found your blog today and I would love for you to check out mine and follow back! :)



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