Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Week Ever!!!!

Ok, so this has been like the best week ever! No joke.

1st-signed my rehire letter for next year
2nd-my students all did great on their state writing assessment!!
3rd-Prince Wills and Kate got married!!! Real life fairy tale:) #royalwedding #nomorewaitiekatie
4th-visited Graceland for the first time
5th-Memphis Grizzlies beat the no.1 seed SA Spurs. Biggest upset in NBA playoff history. #gogrizz #ibelieve
6th- mother has an older sister that was given up for adoption at birth. She found my mother and called yesterday. Such a touching moment for my family:)
7th-beatification of Pope John Paul II
8th- US killed Osama Bin Laden

I had to put this in writing so it will not be forgotten!

Wanted to include this poem I saw on FB as a thank you to all the troops who have fought tirelessly and diligently to keep my country and me safe. Thank you. There are not words to describe how grateful I am
for our soldiers!!!!

Now I lay me down to sleep
One less terrorist this world does keep
With all my heart I give my thanks
To those in uniforms regardless of ranks
You serve our country and serve it well
With humble hearts your stories tell
So as I rest my weary eyes
While freedom rings our flag still flies
You give your all, do what you must
With God we live and God we trust.


pinksundrops said...

What a fantastic week for you! Congratulations on the first two and the 6th!

Preppy Wife Preppy Life said...

Wow! So many exciting things at once!!


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