Thursday, May 5, 2011

*Coral Me Crazy*

So, I told you about the goodie box Lifeguard Press sent me last week, right? Well, y'all just coral me crazy! Seriously, CMC is one of my fave Lilly prints.Not only do I have the mug and water bottle below, I have a tunic in the matching print. I wish I would have bought that darn Kena bikini in it too. Guess it'll haunt me forever if I can't find it on ebay. Anyways can't you tell I love the CMC print?!?!?!?**Back on topic now***

I must say I love the LP thermal mug in coral me crazy. Sadly, I cannot show you a real life photo because it's sitting on my desk at school waiting to be used *again* tomorrow.

I do have the water bottle as well:

This is the next Coral Me Crazy item I'd like to add to my collection:

Too bad, I drop my phone like a hot potato often. I mean OFTEN. Otherwise, I'd add this to my collection:
I guess my Otterbox will just have to sufffice. Tehe!


little miss southern love. said...

I just got the thermal mug in later gator and the Iphone case in floaters! I love them both. Great products by lifeguard & lilly!


Kyndra @ LMSL

Jana said...

This is is def my most favorite Lilly pattern as well! I am crazy for coral! I would loveee to have the tunic!


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