Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did you have a preference??

So...when you were little did you prefer one brand over the other? Tonight, I saw a box of chalk at work, and the brand made me think back to elementary school. You know..."Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again..." Okay, I'm totally telling my age with that one. Ha!

Anyways, when I was a kid, my parents always got me Crayola crayons.

I hated them. I was so jealous of all my friends who had Prang crayons. Prang was DA BOMB. To me, they colored easier and were awesome. My parents thought differently. They thought Crayola was "better" quality. They just wouldn't buy me Prang crayons. Oh how I really wanted them!

It's funny the things one remembers from their childhood. Whenever I have kids, if they want Prang crayons, they are going to have some darn Prang crayons;)


Always Pretty in Pink said...

Haha. I totally understand. I always used Crayola but I loved them. When we had to use the RoseArt ones in art class I always hated them. I've never used the Prang ones though.

When I was a kid, all my back to school clothes canes from either Dillards or Castner Knotts. But I loved the clothes that other girls had from kmart. Its ridiculous but I just did not understand what my mom was thinking not letting me pick out by own stuff. Now I get it.

Keri said...

omg one of my students is obsessed with prang crayons! I don't remember prang from school but he refuses to use crayola! (I teach kids with autism) So funny you bring this up...

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Crayola's where it's at. I cant handle the cheap imitations!

Ruthie said...

I was all about crayola! I remember getting a huge box of them for my birthday one year, with limited edition colors! haha We have a home video of my opening them and it is priceless

megan said...

I was a loyal Crayola colorer. I've never even heard of Prang!


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