Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday-Sales!!!

Yes, there are some great sales this week!!! I hit them up for sure.

First things first. is having an awesome sale and I racked up.

I ordered 3 packs of these monogrammed ones in chocolate brown with gold foil lettering.

I ordered 3 more packs in our colors but in this style. So cute:)

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do for our "exit". We can't do anything that doesn't disintegrate or use something that can't immediately be thrown away by the guest. We could use sparklers, real flower petals, and bubbles basically. When I think of bubbles, I think of those little fat containers with tulle and the couple's names. Not my style. We were at a wedding on Saturday, and the couple used bubbles. These bubbles were in skinny, long tubes with no decoration. It was such a cute exit. You know me though. I can't do plain. I've got to pretty it up somehow:) I might even add some skinny chocolate ribbon. Ha! So, I got 4 packs of these too!
I ordered 2 of these just to make it to $150. I can use them in my house.

If you spend $150, you can get 20% off. So all of this totaled up after discount and with shipping to $149. Not bad. Not bad.

Also check out Hobby Lobby. They have 50% off the bridal section and sales all throughout the store. I scored this little pillow for my ring bearer. It reminds me of the lace on my dress! I racked up AGAIN!  Along with the pillow for the wedding, I bought a picture frame for the guestbook tables, two antique key photo holders to put out somewhere, and a fleur de lis standing birdcage for the card/gift table for the cards. I'm going to take it off the stand though I think. All in all, $51 including tax:) Yay for me!!!

And if you made it this far, and you're still with me, and haven't vomited over the fact it's wedding this, wedding that lately...
**a non-related wedding post coming later:))))))


Michelle said...

Great job on all of those sales - I am jealous!
And it's completely OK to have wedding on the brain - that's how I am these days too :)

Ashley Borysewich said...

I ordered the monogram napkins as well!


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