Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Belle Reading?

So, one of my mentors at school was a fellow English major in undergrad as well. We both share a fond love of reading.

As school came to close, we gave each other a few books on loan. I gave her Water for Elephants, and Soulless.

She in return, gave me two romance novels. Okay, I've never really delved into the romance genre. I remember as a kid always seeing those "risque" Harlequin romance covers in the book section and of course, my mother would scurry me along to avoid said covers. I always figured it was trash that is until I read the book by Julia Quinn. I just finished the second book in the Bridgerton series and am quite enjoying this summer guilty pleasure.  Am I gaining any scholarly knowledge? nah. not one bit. However, they are quick, easy reads especially if you like Austen or Bronte. I find that Quinn is kind of like a modern Jane Austen.

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Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I meant to Tweet you the other day when you were asking about books and tell you about The Help. It is SO good! I'm trying to finish it before the movie comes out in August. Its the first book in a long time that I haven't been able to put down!


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