Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinner Outfit!

I haven't done much of these on the ol' blog. I used to do quite a bit on twitter. We went to dinner on Friday night at a place in Midtown and went over a friends house afterwards.

top: Banana Republic
jeans: Express DPD
shoes: Paris Hilton "Senorita"-here
earrings: Carolee-here
bracelet: Vatne Designs-here

**seriously, i have worn the face off these paris hilton shoes. they are super comfortable. i am actually going to have to break down and order ANOTHER pair since i've practically worn these out. i love them!!

**also, i am so glad i am not sending the carolee earrings back. i ordered a few different pairs while they had a sale going on to try on with my wedding dress. these aren't tiny and they aren't huge. perfect size!

Don't forget about my blog sale here.


Southern Belle Mama said...

Love the top! I love a vertical stripe; it's so flattering. :)

JMB said...

Love that outfit which I am obsessed with Banana :) Real quick because this is hilarious -- your countdown on the top of your blog -- I saw all the pink and have severe bad eye sight --obviously even with my contacts in today and thought it was your baby countdown and saw that you had 1 month to go and then I saw your recent picture and thought --- DAGGONE I hope I look that good at 8 months preggo!! hahahaha HILARIOUS. WHERE YOU KEEPING THAT BABY! haha

Anonymous said...

The top is soo pretty =)


Anonymous said...

Super cute!


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