Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Life This Week

Sorry, I haven't posted in a bit. Monday was my first day back at school since June.The kids don't start until Monday. However, I start back early because we have meetings and have to get our room ready. They moved me to a new hall so that meant cleaning out lockers with  my stuff and the books on the OPPOSITE side of the school. That also meant rearranging my room because the projector doesn't face the same wall. I was so overwhelmed because I didn't go up to school early and start on my room because I was busy with wedding stuff. Needless to say, it's done. But this picture pretty much sums up my life for the week:

PS-in case you're not a teacher and wondering why I just posted a picture of a glue gun...yeah, that's what your teachers used to hang all the stuff on your classroom wall:)

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CMae said...

LOL Couldn't of said it any better. Glue gun and Masking tape have been my best friend the entire week. Those poster sticky things DO NOT STICK or hold shit up. Same with Sticky tack. Such a scam. You want something up, you HOT glue it. end of story!

Sonya said...

That is such a good trick! I haven't used it since I taught preschool, but now that I have concrete walls again I may have to! So far the masking tape is working, for most of it!

REBrown said...

Good luck with the beginning of back to school!

Anonymous said...

Wow, teaching at a public school must be incredibly ghetto.


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