Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TMI ....

So, I frequent the wedding website projectwedding.com. It's probably my favorite wedding site thus far. It's interactive kind of like FB. They have a forum where brides post about anything and everything. Also, they have a classifieds section, and I've actually purchased a few things from other brides to use at our wedding.

Ok, so we all share pics for inspiration or just funny stuff kinda like twitter in a sense, but what I don't get is the boudoir pics. I mean doing boudoir pics is totally cool (i didn't do them, no judgment here), but the point I DON'T get is sharing them with the WORLD WIDE WEB. I mean sharing one where you're like decent enough to show your mother, fine, but why share the ones where you are barely clothed. This is a PUBLIC forum. I mean I've seen a lot of barely there and things I DO NOT CARE TO SEE. Seriously, it's like softcore P.

I just wouldn't feel comfortable posting a pic of me in next to nothing while in provocative positions on the interwebs. That's just my opinion. Take it or leave it...

What are your thoughts on this???

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Shea said...

Haha! I completely agree. That's just weird!! And kind of awkward.

little miss southern love. said...

haha! This seriously just happened to me too. I went to a consult with a photographer and in the package that we would have wanted to purchase a 'boudoir' session was included. I asked what this involved and boy was I suprised. She brought out these albums of all these almost naked girls. I was a little disturbed. Needless to say I didn't pick her as my photographer. I'm not sure why but it's just a little weird to me!


Kristen479 said...

I thought the point of those were that they were for your hubby's eyes only?

That's a little weird. I'd be totally uncomfortable with that too.

Day Old News said...

The boudoir should probably stay in the boudoir...mystery, privacy, respect. Sharing with some friends is one thing - posting to the web is another.


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