Saturday, December 24, 2011

Honeymoon Decided!!!!!

So, we finally decided on a honeymoon destination!


It kind of works out perfectly since LC's brother just got engaged, and they are getting married not far from there. So, we decided to go up the week before at the end of June. With me being a teacher, the summer just worked best for our honeymoon.

So bloggers, anyone familiar with the area? Anyone been? I'd love recommendations on what to do and where to stay. I'm super stoked!

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Cassie said...

I live in Savannah, Georgia :) Good choice, but then again, I may be a bit biased. Definitely recommend spending a day just touring downtown Savannah and River St. Make sure you stop by Savannah Candy Kitchen on River St. They give our free samples of their delicious goodies every day! Food wise - definitely check out Lady & Son's, which is Paula Deen's restaurant. The Pink House is another delicious food choice, but reservations are required.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Congratulations! Have so much fun! We're going on ours next month and I cannot wait. I may have already started packing in anticipation.

Mrs. Hanson said...

Oooh we live here! Rocks on the Roof for amazing drinks and the best view of the city!, make sure to have lunch at Vinnie's, grab some Wet Willies and stroll river street (your allowed to have open containers), Thursday-Sunday they have live music (and its awesome) in City Market. The Avia is an absolutely gorgeous hotel, as well as the Bohemian! For night life I would check out Savannah Smiles, it's a dueling piano bar!

A Simple Southern Life said...

Savannah is AMAZING! You are going to love it. You have to go to Paula Deen’s restaurant Lady and Sons- so yummy! Be sure to call ahead though because it fills up quickly.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oooh, fun! Gotta check out "The Lady & Sons" restaurant :-)

Ashton said...

Everyone has suggested Lady and Sons so I am going to suggest two places off the beaten path that are equally delicious and totally Savannah. Ms. Wilke's Boarding House for lunch. It is served family style. Get there early because there will be a line and no reservations. For a nice dinner, head to Elizabeth's on 37th. Check out The Mansion by Forsyth Park as a place to stay. For some great seafood, stop by the Shrimp Factory on River Street. The Historic Savannah Theatre is constantly running different shows.

I hope you have a wonderful visit. Happy Honeymoon!

REBrown said...

I've never been there, but it always seems really pretty.

You'll have to let us know all about it!

Jamie said...

You'll LOVE Savannah! We live about 45 minutes away and always have the best time visiting :)

Mrs. Hanson and Ashton gave some great recommendations :) If you love chocolate you'll have to try out Lulu's Chocolate Bar...yum!

Hilary said...

I'm from near Savannah & go often - simply to eat! I would DEFEINTLY look into The Bohemian or Avia for accomdations - both are incredible! :) Also check out Crystal Beer Parlor (try the She Crab Soup - I DIE). It's a local place & not so very touristy! If you get to venture out, Tubby's (in Thunderbolt, although there is one on River Street) is GREAT! The one in Thunderbolt has a cooler atmosphere. Other good places are Huckapoos (on Tybee - ask for directions! As much as i've been, I still get lost trying to get there!), The Distillary, & Uncle Bubbas is good. Uncle Bubba's is the restuarant of Paula Deen's brother. Delish...and lesser known than TLAS.

If you're looking into nightlife - go to City Market, Savannah Smiles, Molly MacPherson's, Jen's & Friends (super cute!). Hope i've helped! Have fun! :)PS - the BEST place to shop is Blue Belles - you gotta go! :)


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