Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Bridesmaids' Gifts and Tips to Save!

I wanted to do this post not to brag or show off, but to help other brides on budgets. I didn't have a limitless budget. I had to make the best of what I could. I wanted to get some nice things for my bridesmaids, because, well, let's face always sucks when you get stuck paying for a dress you're never going to use again that's just collecting dust until it's time for your Junior League quota to be due and jewelry that sits in your jewelry box  Hahahaha! So, I really wanted to get things that I knew my bridesmaids could actually use. I thought I'd pass along my tips and tricks for what I did...

Scarf: sparkly, leopard print from NY&Co. $8
Handbag: Monogrammed Tote from $15
Cosmetic Bag: Monogrammed Waffle Cosmetic Bag from $10
lipbalm: Victoria's Secret $0.75
jewelry roll: floral asian monogrammed jewelry roll from ebay seller  $2.25
pearls: freshwater pearl necklace with SS clasp, matching earrings, and bracelet $26
boxed set: Charter Club boxed set of pearl jewelry (wear for wedding) $12
bath wrap: Monogrammed Minky Bath Wrap from an etsy seller $21 or $22

I got out less than $100 for all of this. 

Little tip: I ALWAYS check the clearance aisles and sales anytime I go shopping! Also, anytime I shop online I always search for coupon codes. 

For example: 
The scarves: I bought all of the scarves on clearance or sale and used coupons. I didn't pay over $10 for any of the scarves I bought. It took awhile. This wasn't something I did in a day. It was over a span of a few weeks. I bought different ones to match the styles of my bridesmaids.

The tote and cosmetic bag: I waited until the knot ran a really good sale that also included free monogramming and used a coupon code on top of that. saved a lot on just the free monogramming alone.

The lip balm: I happened to peruse VS one day and came upon those. They are great. They're a natural nude balm that has a hint of sparkle in it. I even bought one for myself;)

The jewelry roll: I found these on ebay. They came in a variety of colors. The seller was from China. So the catch for them being so cheap was that I had to wait a month to get them. It was free shipping, but it takes awhile.  An old coworker monogrammed them for free.

The pearls with sterling silver: I was lucky and was able to get into market and purchased these wholesale. If you can't do something like that, you can always wait around for Macy's to do those 50% jewelry sales and use a coupon on top of that.

The boxed pearls: I waited for these to go to 30% off and used a coupon on top of that.

The bath wrap: I googled and googled and etsy-ed until I found a wrap that was within my budget. If I remember correctly, these were priced around $25, but since I ordered 7 she gave me a discount. This included the monogramming. My girls LOVED these:)

As you can see my tips and tricks are basically to be patient, wait for things to go on sale, use coupons, and always check your sale and clearance aisle.

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Carolina On My Mind said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm currently looking for things for my bridesmaids and this was definitely helpful!

Ashley said...

These are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing :)

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Awesome, I thought for sure you spent at least $200! Little did I know prior to reading your post that you spent under $100! AMAZING! Nice job!!! I'd brag too if I were you, hee! hee! ;)

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Great job on saving some money on your bridesmaids :)

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I got a towel wrap as a bridesmaid gift about two years ago and it's def the most used bmaid gift I've ever gotten!! I love it!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

Scarfs and bath wraps are such good gifts! They will be in my gifts whenever I get married!

Learning As I Go said...

Thank you for the tips. They are great gifts

grroomshop said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm trying to find information on Bridesmaids Gifts and this has definitely helped me in this process.


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