Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding Photos Part 2: Reception

Here's the rest of my faves from the wedding photos. These are from the reception. Hope you enjoy:)

Flower arrangement on the table at the reception. We opted for a buffet style menu.
 Picture of the napkins I ordered from store. I was very pleased with them.
 This was our entry table. I gave the event coordinator, Southern Event Planners, I hired to set everything up an idea of what I wanted but gave her free reign. She came up with this, and I was VERY VERY pleased:) The runner is actually a chair/table sash that I purchased directly from Mahaffey rental in town. I had it monogrammed at Celeste with our "new" monogrammed. The sash was only $4 and it matched the sashes tied on the bistro tables.
 Our cake table was in front of an old, HUGE, and TALL antique mirror. The banner and cake topper are both from sellers on etsy. If you'd like to know, just drop me an email or look in the tab wedding websites at the top of my blog. The two frames are Victorian-antique style frames that I picked up from Marshalls for like 5 bucks a piece. The two champagne flutes are from the Jim O'Leary 50th Anniversary Edition from Waterford.

 This is the low arrangement for my tables. They were supposed to have gold containers. My florist never okay'd the brown boxes with me. Grrr! The candle holders are gold mercury glass. One has "bling" on the top. And of course, I love fleur-de-lis hence the clear glass embossed holder in the front there.
 These are the taller arrangements.
Banner for my chair. LC had one for his chair, and I had a different type sign made for my parents and in-laws. Sadly, I do not have a photo to share with you, but they were so cute!!!
 Our first dance. We danced to "At Last" by Etta James;)
Ahhhh, you can see my Haute Bride bracelet peeking through. I wished there was an upclose picture of it because it IS gorgeous. It is art-deco style with ivory pearls and is just stunning!
 Our reception was at a local museum that was originally a mansion built by the owner of Piggly Wiggly (grocery store chain) for his wife. Here's a fireplace that was in one of the rooms that is so pretty and decorated.
 Here we are as we exit the mansion/museum. We decided to do bubbles. I found these cute clear tubes with the word LOVE printed on it in gold and thought they were cute, not tacky. Plus, it was cheap!
I wished I had my bouquet in this picture. I don't know why I opted to not have it.

all photos credit to: amydalephotography

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Erin said...

Beautiful pictures! I love all of the mercury glass and the fleur de lis :)

Jennifer said...

BEAUTIFUL! You were beautiful, your Groom looks so daper and handsome, and the details are gorgeous! I am so so happy for you friend!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Woow, these photos are absolutely stunning!! What a STUNNING reception venue!! I absolutely love it, what a bunch of charm it has.

Whitney said...


Leslie said...

Your wedding reception looks like such a fairy tale! Absolutely lovely. :)

What Kate Wore said...

From a completely selfish perspective I am glad you shared more photos - it was such a beautiful wedding, and you were *so* gorgeous!

The setting looked ideal for a reception, I like the entry table a lot, the cake table was perfect as well.

Oh, you beautiful bride!

PS: It's really me, blogger just won't let me l;eave a comment via the Preppy Princess URL for some reason, so I used the other account. :)

REBrown said...

So many fun details!


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