Thursday, February 9, 2012

Glitter Makes Me Happy:)))))

First of all, this weather down here is dreadful. It was like in the 60s and 70s last week. Now, it's back to the 40s and 50s soooooooooo needless to say I've been sick for three weeks now. Coughing constantly, sluggish and sleeping lots, and just feeling downright miserable! When the ear started to hurt, I figured it was time to see the el medico. Yesterday, one sinus cocktail shot, one antibiotic, and one prescription grade cough syrup later...I was on the road to recovery! LC told me this morning that my cough syrup made me loopy last night. So, needless to say, I couldn't take it at school. I already feel better, but I'm still sickly.

The pharmacy was busy last night and had a 35 minute wait time, so I popped over to the nail place next door. I got a manicure in OPI's Rainbow Connection. It made me feel instantaneously better of course;) This morning on the way to school it was still dark, and my glittery mani was just sparkling away!

So while in class tonight we were working on our analyzing the research we'd done thus far for our literature review for our  study. as you can tell since i'm taking pics i'm over it. ha!  I thought I'd take a pic of my mani to show to you!

Oh and don't you just love my imitation Princess Kate ring?!?!?!? I scored this on eBay for 50 bucks. It's white gold plated with sterling silver underneath with an 8 carat lab created blue sapphire surrounded by white lab created sapphires. Believe me, I had a jeweler confirm they were indeed lab created. Belle would be sending it back if it were simply plastic or glass for 50 bucks. And, I get TONS of compliments on it:)

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Janna said...

love the sparkles! I'm definitely going to be adding that to my list of polishes to get.

Erin said...

Such a cute manicure! Sorry you're not feeling well, my allergies are going crazy right now.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I love that color, I've been wanting to try it out...super cute! :)

Palm Trees, Pearls, and a Classy South Carolina Girl said...

Love this nail polish! I wore it last weekend during my Jason Wu Target Rundown to say "HEY, I mean business!" :)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Ok, I need that RING!! Holy gorgeousness!

Andie said...

now I want that ring!

pretty polish! :)

Andie said...

oh, and the reason I want a ring like that- because my actual engagement ring is inspired by Diana/Kate's ring. While my ring isn't cut the same or as big, I always looked up to Diana growing up and I love sapphires so that's what I wanted. The husband obliged and I got an emerald cut sapphire set with diamonds for an engagement ring instead of a regular diamond ring like the rest of my friends.

I get tons of compliments on the whole set because it's in a vintage art-deco setting and it's really different.

but I have always LOVED Diana's ring (that Kate now has!) and I hadn't seen any good replicas anywhere that were a decent price- but $50! heck ya!

REBrown said...

I love all of the sparkles! I got the ring finger different mani with that color and got lots of compliments.


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