Monday, February 13, 2012

New Pretties!!!!!

Ok, I know I said I was on a shopping hiatus, but... NY&Co. gets me every time. Ha! I haven't bought anything there in a couple of months, which is really good for me! I only spent like 66 bucks tonight, so I didn't come out too bad:) I had a coupon that took $40 off $90 and a $20 reward coupon. So not too shabby!

The main reason aka excuse to buy these tops is because we have jeans days at work. We get to wear jeans every Friday and every payday. We all know that the teaching profession is kind of lax on the dress code. I guess since I haven't always been a teacher it's harder for me to wear a t-shirt and jeans even when we can. I always try to put a dressier top with jeans to make it look "professional." Not to mention, we have a new principal this year, and she's BIG on dressing like a professional. I thought these would be super cute paired with my SFAM jeans and Gap city flats.

**This is a mustard color in person
This top is VERY pretty. I'm going to wear this Wednesday/payday:)


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Leslie said...

Wow! You did great. I know I always felt funny about dressing down on Friday's when I was teaching too. I worried I wouldn't look professional enough, and people would wonder who the teacher was.

angsamp said...

Those shirts are super cute! I really need to make a visit to NY&Co to see how I like their clothes in person and what size I need someday so I can order things when you post such cute clothes! These are professional yet still pretty so that's why I like them. Sometimes I get bored with professional clothes because they are so drab. They are great.

Allie said...

Love all your new picks!! Just found your blog and I love it! I can't wait to keep reading :) happy Valentine's Day!


REBrown said...

I love all of these!


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