Monday, February 20, 2012

Q&A Monday

So, I totes forgot about Monday Q & A last week. Sorry, girls! Back on the wagon this week with Shasta and PIPM's Q & A Monday!!!

 1. What is the best advice you've ever given and received?
That when you're not looking for love, it just kind of happens. So cliche...but so true!

2. Type of music you like most?

This one is hard!!! I love most music in general and listen to various genres! Hands down, I'd have to say that Pete Yorn is my favorite music artist. However, here are a few albums that I can listen to OVER and OVER again:
Room for Squares-John Mayer, Music for the Morning After-Pete Yorn, Hot Fuss-The Killers, Sam's Town-The Killers, Heartbreaker-Ryan Adams, Country Grammar-Nelly, Speak Now-Taylor Swift, Ain't Life Grand-Widespread Panic, Farmhouse-Phish, Parachutes-Coldplay, Billy Breathes-Phish, Continuum-John Mayer, Day I Forgot-Pete Yorn, The Carter III-Lil' Wayne, Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits, Flake-Jack Johnson, Great Expectations soundtrack, White Elephant-White Stripes, A Rush of Blood to the Head-Coldplay, Romeo + Juliet soundtrack ('96 movie version w/Leo), Fallen Angel-Dido, Lily Allen-Lily Allen, and so many more. As you can see, I have an eclectic taste in music.

3. Shoe size?
true 8

4. Who sent the last text message you received?

My brother-in-law

5. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
selfish answer: Marie Antoinette. I've always been fascinated by her.
logical answer: Albert Einstein. I'd love to pick his brain.

6. Have you ever been fired or “let go”?

7. What's under your bed?

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Kind of.  I knew LC before so it was "technically" love at first sight. However, on our first date, I saw him in a "different" light per se and knew immediately I would marry him.

9. What is your middle name?

It starts with a M. Sorry, I don't like to put too much personal info on the interwebz.

10. Do you think that you are a good singer?

No, but I sure sing like I am on the way to work every day. Ha!

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Leslie said...

Very fun! I love to sing too, even though I'm not very good. Happy Monday!

Caroline said...

That is such true advice! :)

REBrown said...

Marie Antoinette is so fascinating. I would love to meet her!


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