Friday, March 16, 2012

Not Your Mother's Charter Club!

When I think of Macy's Charter Club, I think of frump. I think of older women. I'm like no thanks. This line is on the main aisle at my Macy's and has recently caught my eye. These aren't your "mom's" clothes anymore.

Three Quarter Sleeve Printed Button Front
This shirt is total prep! I absolutely love and cannot wait to get it when it goes on sale of course:) I'm not going to lie to you I have the navy and light blue version in this shirt, and I get TONS of compliments on them. They also have it in a yellow color right now as well.
And, don't you just love this coat?!?!?! My favorite is when the pink lining peeks out. L.O.V.E. I actually just ordered this from my Macy's last night. I got it for 50 bucks!
Three Quarter Sleeve Embellished Tunic
Bright Tunics for Spring and Summer!

Check out their line! You can find some very reasonable prices when it's on sale or when using a coupon. Also, don't forget to check your local Macy's too. The pink shirt in the first picture...I never paid over $25 for the blue ones I have.


taylorlsteele said...

I LOVE those tunics! And your darling blog :)

Local {ATL}ast said...

I have always avoided this aisle too! But I love these new styles, especially the trench! Definitely going to have a look next time I'm in Macy's!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Love all that stuff! And the great thing is that Macy's always has coupons floating around.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that trench...I actually tried it on a few weeks ago! Coincidentally I was at Macy's yesterday and got a Charter Club necklace - it was $44 but with all the discounts and coupons I got it for $21! Talk about a steal!

erica said...

How cute are those embellished tunics! Love your blog! xo

Missy Minicucci | The Rinfret Group said...

oh my gosh- so chic! love the tunics... perfect for summer. new follower, dear :) xx


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