Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thoughts on these?

So, we went car shopping today. We can't really buy anything until we hear from the insurance company saying they are "officially" totaling my Buffy:( We were not in the market to buy a new car at this time, and this summer we are going to start trying to have a little one. Kids=$$$$ Sadly, an SUV is just not in the budget. These are the two I'm looking at. Does anyone drive either of these? What are your thoughts?

 2012 Camry

2012 Venza
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REBrown said...

I personally like the looks of the Camry better, but the other one might be better for kiddos. They're both nice!

A Simple Southern Life said...

The Toyota Camry is a great car!!

Megan said...

Growing up we had a Toyota...they were great cars!

angsamp said...

I don't know anything about either one, but I like the look of the Camry better! I know a lot of people who have them too, so they must be pretty good.

Sads that your Expedition is gone :(

Ashley said...

My first car was a Camry and I LOVED it. It was a '93 and by the time I started driving in 2004 it still drove like new!! I would definitely recommend it!


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