Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dressed Like a Celeb!

Do you ever find it's hard to write a title for a blog? I know the title was cheesy. ha!

I bought LC a Food Network magazine subscription as a present for Christmas. I was flipping through and came across this photo, and was like hey, I have that shirt!

I have no idea if they styled her in this outfit, or if this is her own. However, I just thought it was cool that Tricia Yearwood is wearing my Macy's Charter Club top:)
It's kind of hard to tell, but the design is quatrefoil with these little decorative buttons. It's super preppy, and I have the shirt in this blue and bought one in navy. This shirt retails for like $69 or $79, but I bought them on clearance for $21:) Anyway, here's Charter Club's spring version in this shirt:
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Janna said...

cute shirt! Like the pink!

Caroline said...

I like when celebs dress like normal people. Who can afford the $500 pair of jeans? Now, Macy's I can do!

Elizabeth said...

I've always loved that shirt of yours!!! Now I know your secrets heh heh heh :)


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