Friday, April 27, 2012

Fraud and the Gallbladder

You know the two are TOTALLY unrelated, but that's how my day went yesterday. I mean I guess they are somewhat related. My gallbladder isn't functioning properly so technically, it is a fraud. Okay, that's stretching it, ha! Anyway, I logged into my checking account first thing yesterday morning because we get paid Monday and not Friday. I'm praying I didn't overdraft! I see a charge from Experian which is a company that does credit reports. I did not sign up to have one pulled and called to find out what the heck was going on. Come to find out some lady, Annaliza H. used my card number with expiration date to pull a credit report. Not my credit, but someone else's. It dawned on me that over Spring Break I had gone into my bank and requested a replacement check card because my magnetic strip wouldn't work some places; I had totally forgotten about it. That was at the end of March. The bank said they mailed it out on the 27th. I always use PayPal and secured sites. This means two things: A)someone stole it out of my mailbox B)someone from the post office took it. Sucks that people just aren't honest anymore. And, it's a freaking hassle dealing with this. I can't imagine what identity theft is like. This person has my card number and obvs, my address. No bueno. They cancelled my card and issued a new one with a new number. But hey, what's to keep this person from stealing it again:(

Then, I met with my surgeon. My husband wants me to push my surgery back to the first week in June when I'm out of school. My surgery is already scheduled, and I'm just gonna do it. When I come back, I'll only have 12 working days at school so I'm just going to suck it up. Overall, my students are good kids, and they are pretty understanding. Have you had your gallbladder out? What was your recovery time? Don't feel comfortable commenting, email me. I'd love to hear from you!

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Leslie said...

I feel so bad for you that you are going through all of this. I think you'd probably be less stressed if you could push your surgery back, but I'm sure you will be okay. The last week or two of school is a free-for-all anyways, assuming that state testing is over.

Megan said...

That totally stinks about your card. Good thing you discovered it before more damage was done!

Elizabeth said...

I think you should just get it over Becky said, her drs threw a fit when she pushed her surgery back a feww weeks...the sooner the better. you'll probably be happy to have it over with. plus, we all want you to be ok :)

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Praying for you for a speedy recovery and an easy time until your surgery.

REBrown said...

I had something similar happen to me. Someone stole a check that I was mailing to pay our water bill out of my mailbox and cleaned out our bank account. Luckily we got it all back, but it is a huge pain to get everything changed over. Good luck!


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