Sunday, April 29, 2012

Melly M at Rue La La!!!!!

You all know I" a big fan of Rue La La! Why pay full price if you can snag it on there, and once you pay the shipping price of $9.95 you get free shipping for the next thirty days! You simply cannot beat that!!!!

And it's always nice to get emails from readers. I had no idea one of the PR people at Rue La La read my blog. When she emailed me, it totally made my day. It's nice to hear from people that totally read my nonsense. While being a teacher has "somewhat" censored me, I feel like this blog is totally a reflection of me. You can go back to when I first started and see how much I've grown and changed! Anyway, I'm totally off topic.

"V" at RLL emailed me to let me know about an upcoming sale that I might be interested in and that my readers might be interested in. And it just so happened to be Melly M!!! It's fate, huh? Seeing as how I just adore the dress I received from them; I'm anxious to see. This will be Melly M's first time on RLL. Not to mention, another brand Skirtin' Around will be on there as well. The boutique includes bright and beautiful pieces that are perfect for spring and summer! I looked, and it's not on there yet. Be on the lookout for a boutique that is similar to that description:))))

I'm including a few photos V sent me, and they are SO cute. I think she's trying to break my bank account:

Skirtin' Around

 Melly M 

If you need an invite to Rue La La, here ya go:

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Emily said...

Lilly was on Rue La La today too! What a great day!

xx Emily @


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