Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Pre-sale!!!!!!!

So, my lovelies at Lifeguard Press emailed me today to let me know that the Lilly Pulitzer 2012-2013 agendas are on pre-sale right now! I was just thinking the other day about how I need to get an agenda soon! This was perfect timing:) My JL placement next year is provisional advisor. I def need one of these to keep me organized. I order one every year!

They'll be shipping out the first week in July. One good thing I like about Lifeguard Press is they ship directly to you. You don't place the order and wait for the business to get the shipment and then wait to have the order sent to you.
 Now you have to help me out...which print should I get? I'm liking the Ugotta Regotta! 
Here's the inside: 
But I'm liking all of them. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And should I get the large or small? decisions, decisions!!!

Just thought I'd let y'all about the pre-sale if you didn't already know:)))
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Erin said...

Great find! I'll be ordering one of these for next year, too!

Kelly said...

I would definitley get the large!! Thanks for the heads up!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Definately getting the large for me too. I love the fresh feel of organization, especially in so much color!

Glitterista said...

I always get the large. Love love love them all, but I think you made the right choice. ;)

I would love to one day be a Provisional Advisor. It seems like such a great role.

Regarding Rehse said...

I love the You Gotta Regatta! I just bought the new Camie dress in that print!


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