Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Party Time!!!!

I found this picture in my iPhone the other day. I guess I forgot about it.

Anyway, here's an arm party for ya!

You know I quit wearing this imitation Kate ring for a few month. I just broke it out again the other day. I've gotten compliments galore. Think I might have to keep it in rotation;)

Bracelets: gold, multi-stone bangles---Express (old)
                navy rope with pearl---Banana Republic (old)

PS-Oh and excuse the ridiculously long pinky nail that appears in this pic. You can't really see my other nails, but they are comparison in length. It was the finger next to the pinky that had broke. Ha;)

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Lori said...

Very cute, love the ring especially! I have a similar one but don't wear it as often as I should!
I don't know Savannah well enough to offer recommendations, other than the Riverfront but you probably already knew that. The carriage rides are always sweet too! Congrats on your marriage and enjoy your time!!

REBrown said...

I like the knock off Kate ring - most people aren't even going to really recognize it at this point.


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