Friday, June 29, 2012

New Pretties!!!!

Let's see here are the new pretties I've acquired as of late. Some are old Lilly that I cannot believe I did not buy a few years ago, some are for the trip, some are just because. ha!

Lilly Pulitzer's Glam It Up clutch
 I scooped this baby up for $60.49 on eBay brand new. This is still retailing for $128
The only reason I ended up getting this is because the gold ASOS clutch I ordered (which is super cute btw) is too gold for my dress for my BIL's wedding. I didn't realize it til I actually looked at my dress instead of a pic of it. It's a much lighter gold than I thought.I just sold some shorts on eBay which helped me pay for this. So really, it cost me nothing. 
Lilly Pulitzer Jacqueline dress in prep green with novelty lace 
Scored this NWOT for $99. (STEAL!)
Luckily, a sweet girl listed this on PPR (Perfectly Preppy Resale), and the sweet ladies who I have become chatty with via various Lilly forums tagged me in the comments as soon as she listed. The girl was so nice enough to message me and tell me she'd wait til she heard from me before selling it to anyone since so many people commented that I wanted it. I'm so grateful because I was at a pool party and would have totally missed it. Now, let's pray since it's from a few seasons back that I can squeeze into this 4. If not, I'm so hanging on to this baby til someone can swap me for a 6.

Lilly Pulitzer Cassie slub top in Starry Blue Drama Queen
purchased EUC on eBay for $34
It's hard to find stuff in the print in smaller sizes. Ummm, where have I been when all these gorgeous Lilly prints came out. I think it was my first year teaching, and I was just trying to survive lesson planning. ha!

Lilly Pulitzer dark navy sleeveless polo
excellent deal at $19.99
thought this would go well with a pair of LP shorts I have for our honeymoon since Savannah is going to be HOT!

Stella and Dot Marchesa earrings 
more than half off the retail price at 12 and are brand new:)
I have been wanting these, but let's face it, who wants to pay RETAIL for S&D items. I feel like it's kind of expensive in my opinion. I always look for it on eBay to be honest. 

Turquoise Bubble Necklace
$17.99 eBay sale
Third times a charm! This was the third necklace I ordered on eBay, and it finally came in and looked just like the picture did with the two tones of turquoise. 

Lilly Pulitzer Andrey shift in Charmed I'm Sure
$155 eBay
I know what you're thinking. You're like ummm, didn't she already buy this dress?!?!?!?! Why, yes, I did. That shift is a size 4 which fits. It's a teensy, teensy, tiny bit too snug than I like it in my hips. It fits fine really, but I think I'd like a *little* bit more room. So, finally someone listed this. I'm going to fess up. Y'all are going to think I'm cray-cray from crazytown. The starting bid was $30 so I messaged the seller asking if she would just do a Buy It Now. She responded that she'd had a lot of interest on this and would be doing a BIN on Thursday at 7am. Yes, I sure did ask her what time zone she lived in, and yes, I sure did set my alarm for 5:55 a.m. in order to try to win this beauty. Luckily, I had refreshed as soon as she listed it. I have no shame when it comes to Lilly, I know. Lilly P would be the ONLY thing that gets me up that early during summer vacation:)

 Lilly Pulitzer Ciara tunic in Coral Siesta
$40 flat
I talked a seller on eBay down on the price by offering to do a paypal transaction versus going through eBay. Pretty sweet deal on this tunic with retails for $148

 Lilly Pulitzer Opening Night clutch in starry blue drama queen
purchased $40 from Re-Lilly
I forget the retail value somewhere probably between 88-100+
Originally, the seller wanted 50 for this. I politely emailed telling her to please let me know if she ever did a reduction. I did NOT make an offer because if you list it for a price, that's what you want. Sometimes, things don't move, and I'm willing to pay a little less for them. I really like this clutch just not 50 bucks like it. Well, she decided to do so and took off 10 bucks. I always find that I never have clutches. I've been thinking I need to have more accessories. ha!

So, that's my shopping week. After the honeymoon, I am putting myself on a self-imposed shopping hiatus. It must be a holy grail of mine, or it must be the end of summer Lilly sale. Other than that, NO MORE SHOPPING. Summer totally kills my funds.

Have you gotten any good deals lately???? Do share:))))
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Sweet Southern Prep said...

Man, girl, you racked up! Love all of your goodies!!

Kristin said...

Okay, I'm going to have to hop over to eBay and check out the bubble necklaces.

Lori said...

wow, so many great deals! love that clutch!


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