Friday, June 22, 2012

OOTD: lady who lunches

at CFA. ha! I totally forgot to post a pic of my outfit from the other day lunching with my girls.

 OOTD: Casual Lunch
top: Express navy tee (old)
shorts: Lilly Pulitzer callahans in multi sea me
shoes: Kelly & Katie (from DSW last year. here's similar by them)
jewelry: earrings-jojo loves you party bling in mint [no bracelet-just a ponytail holder. ha!]
handbag: coach 

Here's an upclose pic of my blings. I love them and have been wearing them ALL the time. A lady at the restaurant (second job) was like Oh my gosh, I LOVE your David Yurman earrings. I did come clean and tell her no DY here just my blings from JoJo Loves You. She was like don't tell anyone they're not David Yurman because I just came from the jewelry store buying my daughters a bunch of David Yurman and they look just like his stuff.  

Here's the stock photo: 
I seriously love this color because it reminds me of green amethyst. So pretty!!!!!

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REBrown said...

I love those earrings (and the DY version too!)

Whitney said...

You forgot to CC me as your hahaha


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