Sunday, June 17, 2012

SB at the Movies: Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages
SB's rating: 3 stars

For Father's Day, my dad wanted extension cords, and we took him to see Rock of Ages. I really liked Rock of Ages because I love the typical 80s songs, but the, don't pay full price. I don't think Julianne Hough was good enough/experienced enough to carry the movie. However, Tom Cruise was great and Russell Brand was funny;) With that being said, this was worth the matinee price not full price imo. Definitely, a good renter for sure!

PS-the Gatsby trailer is at the movies now. Can I say I get excited each and every time I watch it! Christmas can't come soon enough!
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REBrown said...

I really want to see it but I'm definitely waiting until it hits NetFlix.

Lori said...

Waiting for NetFlix too. I was disappointed in their gal choice, oh well, it will be fun to see again. I think. :)

Elise Gabrielle said...

I was considering going to see this! Thanks for the review! I'll wait until its out on Redbox!


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