Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lifeguard Press Lusting...

I know you're wondering does this girl ever get sick of Lilly Pulitzer?? Nope, not a bit. ha!

 I am loving the agenda that Lifeguard Press sent me. It's this one:
I like it because it's fun, bright, and nautical. I have really been using it a lot due to all the stuff I have going on. I'm a JL advisor this year so between meetings and functions with that to faculty meetings and in-service, my calendar is filling up! I love that it has a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month as well as a breakdown for each day so I can write stuff in the front if I'm in a hurry and then transfer it to the actual day later. It has enough lines on the days for me to write in multiple things/notes.

Now, I'm loving these. I could totes use them in my classroom.

Can you tell I love Dirty Shirley?!?!?! :)

Here are some wants: 
 (i use this case to hold my iPhone and my chumbucket one has been well loved. it's about time for a new one anyway!)

love this! i use my market totes when i'm out making returns and what not. haven't tried the bag yet.  
(i need luggage tags!!! this would match my hot pink luggage perfectly:)

Ok, I'm going to stop. I could keep going because there are SO many things on Lifeguard Press's website that I like. 

I love that Lifeguard Press uses some of these older prints that have come and gone. That way you can still enjoy your favorite prints in a unique, different way! LOVE!

**I was not financially compensated nor given any products for this post. I just really like Lifeguard Press:) All thoughts are my own. 

sad! we as bloggers have to post those ^^comments!

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Emily said...

I have the same patterned planner and absolutely love it!

Regarding Rehse said...

I want the speaker so bad, but I haven't seen a review on it yet.

Leslie said...

I love them all!


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