Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh, Shift! A Shopping hiatus must follow...

Now, that I shopped LP's ESS, I am on a self-imposed shopping hiatus until the New Year Cheer sale. I wasn't that crazy about fall, and I think that's a good thing. No more shopping for me for awhile unless it's a necessity!

Lilly Pulitzer is a PR disaster right now. The fact that their sale was a total IT nightmare and the "Oh, Shift!" message on the website during their server meltdown was hilarious for like um two seconds. Needless to say they are still making a train wreck of the situation by sending out little extra gifts (i.e. keychains, ornaments, necklaces, etc.) to make up for the snafu but not sending them to everyone. Not a good PR move when social media has taken over. I didn't get an extra happy with my first three shipments. Oh well, maybe in the rest of them. LP get it together!!!!!!

Here's what I ordered in the ESS:
 Evie in Ring Pop
(love this because if you look closely, the pattern is composed of diamond rings!)
murfette in checking in
(this is one of my fave Lilly prints! wish i could find the elsa in this)
Sullivan belt in natural
High McKims in metallic gold
High McKims in mettalic silver
Joycee tunic in reef me up

Infant ruffle shift w/matching bloomers in hotty pink the gang's all here
(so sad i have to miss a baby shower next weekend:( i thought this would be cute gift. SO cute in person)

i haven't gotten these yet. i'm hoping the dreaded "we are cancelling your order" email doesn't happen because this matching ensemble is going to be an xmas prezzy from my parents. i swear pictures do not do this print justice. it's beautiful in person! what a great Easter outfit or birthday perhaps:)
Adelia dress in lilly's pink wing man jacquard
 Alani coat in lilly's pink wing man jacquard

I might or might not just have the matching clutch to this outfit. Ha! Although I wouldn't pair it coat and dress because that would be wing man overload. Or maybe, i will. ha! here's what the clutch looks like which gives you a better idea of what the print really looks like. 

Totally worth the madness. I didn't get everything I want, but LP did have some amazing prices. All of this including my xmas presents only cost a little over $400. That coat above alone retailed at $328. I still missed out on some things because of the IT apocalypse; however, I love the stuff I got. Keep your fingers crossed I get my coat and matching dress. So so pretty! If you shopped the ESS, what did you get??
 Personalized Gifts


DietCokeStraightUp said...

The name of this post is hilarious!!! I love your finds. That clutch is so pretty!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I went overboard too, and keep going back for more! None of my orders have shipped yet, so we'll see what all actually arrives! Keep checking back too, they keep restocking! You're so lucky you got the ring pop evie. I wanted this one so bad, but alas, it sold before I could get my hands on it!!

Brooke said...

What an adorable little baby girl shirt! Plus the clutch is cute too!

Have a great weekend!



Rosemary said...

Great buys. Especially, love the blue and green dress.


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