Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Musings

Things get a little hectic during the school year. I have all the best intentions of posting regularly, but then, this little internet space of mine falls through the cracks.

 What's been going on in my world? Oh you know, just a 24 hour virus. Ugh, I came down with it around 8am yesterday at school and went home at lunch. I couldn't keep anything down until around noon today. I must have picked it up at school; middle school kids forget about good hygiene!!!! I started to feel better so there was NO way I was going to miss my hair appointment. This girl has had some jank roots for over a month now. Like a month overdue for a highlight. I wanted to go back to warm, rich brown with caramel highlights for winter so my stylist suggested going with lowlights this time to prep it for the fall color I want. It's quite a bit darker. I guess that means I'll just have to get dressed up and go somewhere this weekend just so I can show you pic of it;)

I, also, signed up to become a Scentsy consultant tonight. Who am I? Did I really just do this? I am always so scared to go on such ventures. I've never sold anything before, but I like their products so I figured why not?!?!?!! Scentsy smells yummy:)

 I really want to see Taken 2 this weekend. Liam Neeson is AWESOME; hopefully, this will be just as good as Taken. That's about it for know super boring!
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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I love Liam too! Such a great actor! And I want to go see Taken 2 as well! I've been seeing so many commercials for it.

Brooke said...

Perfect season for some darker hair! Can't wait to see it!




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