Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days: Day 15 Always empty

a trash can in a classroom if you're using it just to carry stuff in. Basically, I brought in a new trashcan to my classroom filled to the brim with books, oatmeal (my breakfast for the next three weeks), and Lilly picture frames. One of the frames was still in the plastic. The trash can was new to my room (i have another trash can and recycle box that has been in my room since the beginning of the school year), didn't have a bag in it, and was packed. When I left yesterday, I thought about emptying it. However, I was like surely they wouldn't throw any of this away. It hasn't been in my room, these are all new things, and it doesn't have a bag. Low and behold, I got to school this morning and noticed trash can had a bag. All my stuff was gone. I found the janitor and she called the supervisor since she doesn't work after school. A new person cleaned my room and had thought it was all trash so she took my picture frames home, tossed the oatmeal and the brand new books I had just purchased. These books are from an old textbook and are brand new but old. I couldn't even believe it. If you think brand new frames are treasures, why wouldn't you think brand new books are treasures. Alas, I digress...My frames were brought back, and I had to reorder my books.

Moral of the story: if you bring a trash can in and put stuff in it so you don't have to make two trips, put away your stuff. The janitorial staff will dump it but keep the pretties. The end.

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Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh no!!! At least you were able to retrieve some of it.

REBrown said...

Oh no that sucks - I'm always really hesitant to leave stuff in my office even around the trash can. They tried to throw away my purse one day.

Unknown said...

Oh, that's terrible! I would have been really mad. I can't stand the thought of throwing out new books. :(


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